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If you have the ability to be flexible with your schedule, you can take advantage of significant savings by booking service work during off-peak periods at reduced rates. Please book as early as possible because rates will likely rise as work is contracted and resources are allocated. As demonstrated visually by the Availability Indicator, the greatest opportunity for significant savings typically exists in June, July and August. Please check this real time indicator for up to the minute opportunities. For months showing Limited Availability be sure to contact us well ahead of time so we can do our utmost to accommodate your preffered dates.
Rybovich is unique compared to other refit, repair and maintenance yards by employing an in-house workforce of technicians and craftsmen, rather than fully sub-contracting all labor. This greatly benefits the customer in the following 3 ways:
  1. Having a full time dedicated workforce and project management team is an ideal environment for continuous improvement because superior craftmanship & efficiency is delivered on a consistent basis as opposed to the erratic performance of a transient subcontractor-based labor force.
  2. Having full control over the human resource allocation is the only way to successfully execute over 250 projects annually.
  3. Employing a full time workforce creates the opportunity to offer superior craftsmanship & efficiency to our customers at a significantly reduced rates during low-season or off-peak dates much like the reduced low-season rates of premium hotel rooms.
For further details and inquiries, contact Jason Sprague: / (+1) 561.840.8308


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