Great News!

Rybovich’s Floating Dry Dock has officially moved to its new home at our Rybovich Riviera Beach facility. Our Marina team’s awesome tugboat operators: Christian Denhard, Jorge Rodriguez, and Eric Bachewicz towed the 3,000 ton Floating Dry Dock from the Port of Palm Beach to our Riviera Beach facility. Once they were close enough to the slip Vance construction took over. Three large excavators operated by Vance construction employees coordinated with our Hauling and Rigging team to guide the Floating Dry Dock into place. The excavators, sitting on the Floating Dry Dock, dove their digger into the water and grabbed hold of the ocean floor below. With each scoop, they brought the dock closer to land until we could secure the Floating Dry Dock down in its new slip.

The entire process was amazing to watch. Rybovich is thankful to have an amazing team that commits themselves fully to whatever they are doing. We would like to sincerely thank our Marina team, Hauling and Rigging team, Vance Construction, and everyone else involved in making this move possible

Watch Wayne Huizenga Jr. discuss the newly relocated Floating Dry Dock at Rybovich Riviera Beach!

Savannah Bennett

Savannah Bennett


Born and raised in sunny South Florida. She grew up with a love and appreciation of the
water stemming from her family’s frequent Sport Fishing trips to the Bahamas.
Savannah joined Rybovich in 2015 as the Marina Concierge and now operates
as the Communications Coordinator for the Marketing department.

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